I always had a passion for import and export. It took many years before I decided to start this small business. My education was programming, computer hardware, and networks so  I am not really meant to be in import, export or even sales. My passion to this type of work and the love of traveling lead to it finally. I still have a lot to learn, and I do learn every day. LVL GLOBAL was created from nothing. On the day of the business registration in City Hall, this company had no products to sell and no ideas to make it a successful business. Just the passion!

 It was in Germany, on a rainy day in September of 2018 where I met the owners of a company that produced hand blown glass products with different functions and I was amazed! They didn't just make a product that was functional, it was also a beautiful piece of art. LVL GLOBAL had a huge opportunity to import its first, unique, beautiful product to North America. The company CZEVITRUM makes hand blown glass cigar ashtrays, serving bowls, flower vases, napkin rings and amazing lighting products.

 You can explore all the products we offer in North America and part of South America at CZEVITRUM.US